Mandinga e Molêjo 2018

April 5, 2018

 Welcome to

Mandinga e Molêjo 2018




Welcome to our annual Mandinga e Molêjo! For more information visit our facebook page.

Welcome to Mandinga e Molêjo 2018!

Get ready for a fun-filled week with Cordão de Ouro, Oslo (CDONORWAY)!

We are orginizing a place for everyone to sleep near the location where the workshop will be held. Let us know if you need a place to sleep by sending us an email to

Price full event:
90 euros for guests from abroad
900,- for Norwegian participants

1 day: 350 NOK

550,- for gradering og gratis trening på resten av eventen (inkluderer tskjorte, belte og diplom)
800,- inkluderer alt over og capoeirabukse.

You can pay cash, by bank transfer or vipps.
Account: 1503 36 37796 (CDONORWAY)
Vipps: Number 11095 CDONORWAY (green symbol)

Confirmed guests

Mestre Acordeon USA
Mestre Vitor (Cdo Ctmv Natal )
Mestre Pium (Cdo Finland )
Mestre Marcelo (Cdo Germany )
Mestra Dini (Cdo Israel )
CM Kleyton (Cdo Norway )
CM Sinuca (Raizes do Brasil )
CM Obelix (Cdo Sweden )
Pr Curumim (Cdo Danmark )
Pr Galego (Cdo Ctmv Natal )
Pr Sussu (Cdo Norway )
Pr Keke (Cdo Germany )
Pr Camaleão (Cdo Germany )
Jenny Elizabeth (Samba, Yoga )

Here are pictures of some of our wonderful guests! More to come!


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