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We offer classes in the Brazilian martial art: Capoeira. On this web-site you can learn more about us and what offers we have for classes in Oslo and Akershus. We have evening lessons in;  Oslo og Bekkestua. We also offer classes at a wide variety of schools in the Oslo and Akershus area! Please contact us for more information. Welcome!

If you want to learn more about capoeira and who we are?

Get more information here: facebook, you will find cool videos, pictures and more information about upcoming events.

Vi tilbyr spennende kurs innen den brasilianske kampsporten Capoeira. På siden vår kan du finne informasjon om kommende eventer og andre nyheter fra Capoeira-verdenen på Østlandsområdet. Vi holder til to steder på Østlandet;  Oslo og Bærum. I tillegg til å holde kveldskurs tilbyr vi kurs på mange skoler i Oslo og Akershus. Kontakt oss for mer informasjon. Velkommen til oss store og små!

Vil du vite mer om Capoeira og se hva vi driver med?

Finn oss på facebook, der har vi lagt ut filmer og mer informasjon om oss.

Lessons for beginners and advanced students, children, teens and adults.
Beginners are welcome to come and try at any time!



“Na vida tudo tem seu tempo, não procure se apressar.
O certo é ter Deus no peito e muita força pra lutar.”

- C.Mestre Chiuaua


Location: Møllergata 9

(NSKI – Norsk Skuespillers Institutt- 2. Floor)


Thursday 19:00 – 21:00

(Adult classes are both for beginners and advanced students)



Location: Oslo International School 

Training in the Gym and Multi Purpose Hall

On Wednesdays: We offer excellent training for adults (parents can come and train while their child is having their own lesson)! The lessons are perfect for both beginners and advanced students. Come and join us!


From September we will have acrobatics classes for students at OiS. The Capoeira Lessons are open for students at OiS as well.

Tuesday 16:30 – 17:30

(Acrobatics class for 5-8 year olds)

Tuesday 17:30 – 18:30

(Acrobatics for students at OiS from ages 9, and Capoeira for 2nd – 3rd grade.)

Tuesday 18:30 – 19:30

(Capoeira from 4th grade)




Wednesday 17:30 – 18:30

(Two seperate classes: Mini Capoeira Kids (Preschool and 1st grade) and Maksi Capoeira Kids (2nd – 4th grade). )

Wednesday 17:30 – 18:30

(Adult class with separate instructor. If you have any questions please contact us)

Wednesday 18:30 – 19:30

(Two seperate classes: Capoeira Kids (5th and 6th) and CapoeiraTeens (from 7th grade and up) with adults

Wednesday 18:30 – 19:30

Come join us!





Use our contact form or email us at CDONORGE@GMAIL.COM if you have any questions.

You can also contact us by telephone;

INST. KRISTIN PIPOCA: +47 94 28 82 54 C. MESTRE CHIUAUA: +47 41 21 76 82

Bruk vårt kontaktskjema eller send en e-post til CDONORGE@GMAIL.COM dersom dere har noen spørsmål.

Det er selvsagt også mulig å nå oss på telefon;

INST. KRISTIN PIPOCA: +47 94 28 82 54 C. MESTRE CHIUAUA: +47 41 21 76 82

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Contra Mestre Chiuaua

Contra Mestre Chiuaua (Elton J. da Silva Bezerra) first started training Capoeria in 1994 with C. Mestre Magno in Natal, RN, Brazil.

In 2003 C. Mestre Chiuaua began to train with Mestre Vitor and is afiliated to him and his academia to this day. Through Mestre Vitor’s guidence C.Mestre Chiuaua has been able to participate in a wide variety of activities and projects. He worked for sevaral years helping out at different social projects in the slum areas of Natal, where he has helped by holding capoeira classes and assisting the projects. He has also had the opportunity to participate in a group specializing in creating Afro-Brazilian shows directed by Mestre Vitor. This show-group has become very famous in the Natal area. By assisting Mestre Vitor, C.Mestre Chiuaua also began holding capoeira classes for Norwegian students.

Today, C. Mestre Chiuaua works to increase the knowledge around Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture in Norway. He has lived in Norway since June 2007 and was the first of Mestre Vitor’s students to travel to Norway. C.Mestre Chiuaua holds capoeira classes in several areas including: Oslo, Bærum and Hønefoss. These classes are divided into seperate children and adult classes. In addition to his classes, he frequently gives an introduction to capoeira by holding gymclasses (physical education) in public schools around the Oslo and Akershus area. C.Mestre Chiuaua travels frequently around Europe holding classes and sharing his experiences at various events. He has just released his first capoeira CD: Sou Mais Que Vencedor. All of the songs are his own original work.

Instrutora Pipoca

Kristin da Silva, known as Instrutora Pipoca in the Capoeira World, began training Capoeira when she was in junior high.

She only trained for a few years, but enjoyed it very much. The group was called Capoeira na Neve, but soon changed its name to: Grupo União na Capoeira. Inst. Pipoca had a long break from Capoeira, but when she ‘moved’ to Natal, Brazil for a 3 month period in August of 2005 her interest for the sport grew. She began training with Mestre Vitor and fell in love with the unique Cordão de Ouro style. After her initial stay she travelled back and forth between Norway and Brazil for a period of time before C.Mestre Chiuaua moved to Norway in 2007 and together they created the first Cordão de Ouro group in Norway.

She has become C.Mestre Chiuaua’s right hand in promoting and building the group . Over the years she has become more and more invovled in the different capoeira classes/courses the group has been able to hold and today she herself holds a number of classes on her own (children in particular). She is studying to become a teacher and hopes that this profession will give her even more oportunities to increase the awareness and knowledge around Capoeira and the rich Afro-Brazilian culture in Norway.

Mestre Vitor

Vitor Cleber Oliveira was born August 30th 1971 in Rio de Janeiro. In August 1992 he began training capoeira with Contra Mestre Magno in Natal, Brazil.

In July of 1997 he began holding capoeira classes in his own neighbourhood. He soon started a sosial project where many street kids and children with limited opportunities in his neighbourhood are able not only to train Capoeira, but also receive a basic education, structure and food. This academia has become a second home for many of the children and young adults in the area. To this day Mestre Vitor holds classes in the same venue with help from his advanced students.

In January of 2003 Mestre Vitor affiliated himself with Mesre Irani. Mestre Vitor is eternally grateful for Mestre Irani’s support, and says that he would never have come as far in his work with capoeira without his guidance. Mestre Vitor has become famous worldwide for his work in Capoeira. He manages a very popular ‘show-group’ that performs at various locations in Natal and the surrounding area. These shows showcase the Afro-Brazilian culture and heritage.

In January of 2011 Mestre Vitor held his first international Capoeira event called Vem Vadiar, situated at his own Center of Training (Centro de Trainamento Mestre Vitor – CTMV) in Gracandu, Natal. The event has become immensely popular because of it’s: wonderful location (near both beach and fresh water lake), world class teachers and classes, fantastic energy and people, and Mestre Vitor’s great organizational skills and passion for Capoeira. People from all over the world travel to Natal for Vem Vadiar!

Mestre Irani

Irani Martins Dantas also known as Mestre Irani was born in 1963 in Cruzeta, the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Irani moved to Natal when he was a child. He had a large family with ten siblings. Six of his brothers also trained capoeira, but he was the only one who continued.

Mestre Irani started to train capoeira with friends in 1979. To increase their grades they gave presentations at other schools. Some years later he started to train with Professor Givaldo Dantas. In 1982 Professor Givaldo brought him to Mestre Indios academy (a student of Mestre Limão). Mestre Indio had just moved to Natal from São Paulo. Mestre Irani trained with Mestre Indio for 5 years and was given the belt of professor in 1985.

In 1988 Mestre Irani started the train with the group Cordão de Ouro and he became a student of Mestre Suassuna. In 1989 he officially became a member of Cordão de Ouro and he founded the group: Cordão de Ouro Natal. This was the begining of a lifelong work and evolvement of capoeira in Rio Grande do Norte.

Today Mestre Irani is represented in 40 cities in Rio Grande do Norte. The group has also grown into the neighbouring states such as: Paraiba, Pernambuco and Alagos. Mestre Irani has students in many cities in Brazil such as: Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Mato Grosso do Sul. He also has students in other countries such as: the USA, France, Norway and Switzerland and more. The last 15 years, Mestre Irani has travelled across the world promoting capoeira. Mestre Iranis classes and rodas are often visited by capoeiristas from across the world.

Mestre Suassuna

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna also known as Mestre Suassuna, was born in Bahia, Brazil in 1938 in Ilhéus and raised in Itabuna.

Due to a physical handicap in his legs, the doctor recommended that he involve himself in a sport that was not soccer. Under the influence of two friends that had begun Capoeira and his medications, Suassuna started to practice this Brazilian art. At the beginning of the 1960s, Suassuna shone in Bahia with his Capoeira presentations and consequently many invitations from other states and from abroad were offered. In 1965, after two of his friends kept on insisting for him to come to São Paulo, he left Bahia and went to the land of the rain with the intention of opening an academy and succeeding in life with Capoeira.

His mission was to develop Capoeira as folklore and as a sport. At the beginning it was very hard; he was far from his friends, he worked at various jobs, went through financial difficulties. After a lot of struggle, he met some people from Itabuna that took him to Ze Freita’s Academy, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. That is where he met Brasilia. In 1967, together with Mestre Brasilia, he founded the “Associacao de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro”. Today, Suassuna is dearly liked and respected. He is proud to see that his group’s work is well structured and full of creativity, with members found all over the world.

His many doings include various presentations, the recording of four compact discs, the directing of the Show Group of Cordão de Ouro, the creation and development of the “Miudinho Game” and the conducting of workshops and seminars in several states in Brazil and around the world.

(Information about Mestre Suassuna found at – Cordão de Ouro London)